Holindrian: Or, A Journey For All Time

Holindrian: Or, A Journey For All Time

For millennia, life on humanity's new home of Eridu, has proceeded absent any major upheaval or strife since falling under the rule of a race of immortal beings professing themselves to be gods...the Baltutu. The common man knows, from birth, that his place in the community is assured. There is no crime, no poverty, and no pestilence.


Soon, there will be no more war.


Humans want for nothing. In exchange for this high degree of safety, order, and security, the humans of Eridu have had to sacrifice art, expression, and the very concept of self-determination.


But, when Maramurru, one of the Baltutu, casts doubt as to the divinity of his race, he sows the seeds of freedom in the spirit of mankind, and its growth is too rapid to halt.


One final war will decide the future of man for all coming time.


Will the fate of humanity be determined by those asserting themselves as gods, or will man rise to seize his own destiny?

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